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Life is like riding a bike; to keep balance you have to keep moving  Albert Einstein



We're on the move.....but not going far

From 515 to 466, Kingsland Road E8 4AE

23rd March 2020

In 1992 I opened my first bike shop in Bradbury Street.  Then in 1994 I got the chance  to move to 515, Kingsland Road and started Barclays 4 Bikes...for the last 25 years I have served the local community, selling quality 2nd hand bikes, new bikes & fixing all manner of intricate problems. Now I have to move again - to a smaller shop.  I'm downsizing but continue my pledge to serve the local community as best I can.

Thank you for all your support.            Owen Barclay           

As a kid I had a dream - to own my own bicycle. When I got the bike I must have been the happiest boy in Liverpool... maybe the world  

- John Lennon


Barclays 4 Bikes began life on Bradbury Street Dalston, London in 1992. Initially called 'Better Bikes', owner Owen Barclay changed its name when moving to the current location at 515 Kingsland Road, Dalston in 1994.


After a successful career as a touring musician spanning 15 years, Owen decided to change direction.  As a child he was well known for mending his friends' bikes in his family back garden.  So in '92 after enough life on the road he turned his thoughts to his second love - mending bicycles. He now runs B4B with a small, friendly team.


B4B sells new and second hand bicycles and will mend anything with wheels and no engine - including wheelchairs, pushchairs and skateboards.


B4B finds itself in an ever-changing Dalston and is urban, yet old fashioned. Now B4B is expanding with a show room at 466 Kingsland Road: "Bits and Bobbins" sells mainly new Bobbins Bikes alongside a variety of interesting objects - including guitars.



B4B offer a comprehensive range of bicycle repairs


Please click HERE for a current price list

B4B also offer:


A wide range of second hand bikes from £99


A large range of new bikes including Bobbins, Teman, Moore & Large and Bronx


A broad range of accessories including saddles, locks, helmets, bags and clothing